A tough meeting, a nerve-wracking presentation or simply an office that’s too warm: they’re all reasons that would cause you to break out in a sweat, both literally and figuratively. Of course, sweating is a perfectly natural process, but it’s also perfectly natural not to want dark circles or yellow marks in the armpit area of your shirt or dress. So here are some tips that will help keep those unwanted nuisances at bay.

#1 Wear clothes made of natural fabrics

Do you sweat in a certain shirt, blouse or dress much easier than another? If so, then start by checking the label. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, acrylic and polyamide aren’t all that breathable and absorb little moisture. Which causes you to sweat sooner and for the sweat patches to be easily visible. If you’re facing a day that looks like it’s going to be hot or stressful, then throw on some clothing made of natural fabrics. The most obvious example and common choice is cotton, but linen and TENCEL are also breathable fabrics that absorb moisture well. Which leaves you feeling fresher and less likely to sport those uninvited sweat stains.

#1 Wear clothes made of natural fabrics

#2 Wear an (anti-sweat) base layer top

Wearing an extra layer under your outer clothing is an even more effective way to keep you looking fresh. A base layer top absorbs sweat before it has the chance to stain your shirt or dress, leaving you feeling more confident when you perspire. Make sure that your base layer fits well against your body, so that it absorbs your sweat instantly. Bonus tip: choose a lightweight, breathable fabric to prevent extra body heat (and therefore extra sweating).

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#3 Skip the fabric softener

Okay, so it smells good. And yes, it feels soft. But know this: your clothes aren’t as keen on fabric softener as you are. Softeners can clog the fabric’s pores and as a result, the material absorbs less moisture and can no longer breathe as well. Which means you get sweat stains faster. So to keep your base layer top doing its drying thing, and the sweat (stains) at bay, keep that lovely-smelling fabric softener away.

#4 Use a mild deodorant

#4 Use a mild deodorant

After time, perspiration can cause yellow stains or crusty stiffness around the armpits of your clothes. These are caused by a chemical reaction between your sweat and deodorant. Sweat contains proteins, which react with the alcohol in your deodorant. When they meet, they can affect the fibres of your Noshirt. To prevent holes appearing in your base layer’s armpits, use a mild deodorant, without alcohol and aluminum chlorohydrate. Did you know that it’s also better to apply your deodorant a few minutes before putting on your clothes? This gives it the chance to dry and ensures that it isn’t transferred onto your top.

#5 Show those sweat stains who’s boss

So what about if you already have sweat stains making their ugly mark on your clothes? There’s only one thing to do (well, actually, two): You deal with them as soon as possible. One way to tackle them – and the most natural and softest way – is to soak your item overnight in a bucket of water and vinegar. Then wash it in the machine using a regular cycle. But if that doesn’t work, and you need to get tough, then apply an oxidizer (such as Vanish) to the stains. Leave it to soak in and then wash your item the way you normally do.

Good to know: oxidizers contain aggressive substances that can cause damage. Therefore, don’t use them too regularly; only when it’s really necessary.

If you sweat heavily, then a standard base layer top may not be enough to truly prevent sweat stains. But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered: with an anti-sweat base layer such as Noshirt Dry, which offers the perfect solution. This top has extra inserts at the armpits to absorb sweat even better. And as the panels are made from super-absorbent TENCEL™ fabric, you stay fresh all day long. Even if you sweat a lot. Let’s put it this way: it’s no sweat when it comes to Noshirt Dry.

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